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Tripoli clashes yesterday’s friends.. enemies today


Violent clashes erupted with medium and light weapons. Fighting between the “deterrence forces” and “Brigade 444”, On the evening of Sunday, May 28, in the center of the capital, Tripoli. Sources reported that these clashes erupted suddenly in separate neighborhoods of the capital, Tripoli (Ras Hassan – Jaraba – Bin Ashour), which is one of the densely populated neighborhoods.

And according to eyewitnesses, These clashes were renewed again after a short period of relative calm in the areas southeast of the capital (Ain Zara – Al-Farnaj) in the late evening of Sunday and the morning of Monday, May 29.

As reported by various media, that a number of families were caught in the midst of the clashes, And it sent a distress call to the Libyan Red Crescent, After being subjected to indiscriminate shooting with light and medium weapons, Some sources have revealed, And that the preliminary outcome of these clashes since Sunday evening, There have been 7 deaths from both sides of the conflict. Pointing out that four of them belong to the Special Deterrence Force. While no official body has announced the death toll of the clashes between the two parties to the conflict so far.

Informed sources confirmed earlier, Since Sunday morning, the capital, Tripoli, has witnessed security tension. And a military build-up from both sides, the forces of the deterrence apparatus and the 444th Fighting Brigade, Against the backdrop of the arrest of Captain “Musab Zureik” the commander of the 444th Brigade, the deterrence apparatus.

And circulated pages on social media platforms, late Sunday evening, May 28, Video clips indicating the return of calm following the tense security situation in the areas of clashes. This was after the intervention of a number of military leaders in the city.

Some private sources have mentioned, Quoted from Tajoura Revolutionaries Gathering, A number of leaders of the security and military services in the city reached, during an expanded security meeting, to a preliminary agreement to disengage, resolve disputes between the parties to the dispute, And they “will be guarantors of the agreement between the two parties,” While ensuring that all conflicting military units return to their positions.

earlier, The 444th Combat Brigade confirmed, in a press statement, the kidnapping of one of its commanders, Captain Musab Zureik. And the 444th Brigade was given the opportunity to fight the deterrence force. and the Judicial Police for a few hours, to hand over the kidnapped captain, vowing to escalate the field situation inside the capital, Tripoli, if he is not released. Sources close to both parties stated that the deterrence apparatus carried out the operation in response to Captain Zureik’s arrest of the so-called “Ahmed Al-Shaftari,” the driver of the so-called Muhammad Al-Kani. Wanted by the Public Prosecutor for murder.

Monday, May 29, at noon. Announcing the end of the clashes between the two parties to the conflict, Reaching an agreement, the most important of which was the release of Captain “Musab Azrek” of the 444th Brigade by the deterrence forces. In exchange, the release of 186 members of the deterrence apparatus who were detained from


Before the 444th Brigade earlier, The so-called “Ahmed Al-Shaftari” was also referred to the Public Prosecution based on the arrest warrant issued against him by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. As reported by informed sources.


To renew the clashes in the capital, Tripoli, after a period of relative calm, Brings back to the fore the narrative of the military formations and security agencies. And the fact that it depended on the authority and control of the state or not.

noteworthy , That the Special Deterrence Force reports directly to the Presidential Council in accordance with Resolution No. 578/2020, While the 444th Fighting Brigade is affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, as is rumored or said. But it seems that recent events in the capital indicate otherwise. These devices and formations follow only their direct leaders, and they only recognize them. It does not have any professional hierarchies for the ministries and institutions from which it receives its salaries. And claim direct dependency on it.

these and other events, shed light again, Based on this narrative, institutional chaos, and the proliferation of weapons outside the authority of the state, This matter requires clarification from the ministries or institutions to which these military and security formations belong. The question now arises: Do these various formations and security agencies recognize the state and conspire with its orders and policies? Or does it not recognize the state or its authority except in the matter of salaries and grants??

finally.. The security and military field situation is still turbulent inside the capital, Tripoli. With cautious anticipation from all parties, what will happen to the situation during the coming period.

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May 29 , 2023

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