Movement of July 27: To where ??


There is no talk in the Libyan street except about the approaching date of the movement on July 27, 2023 . which was announced a while ago through various social media platforms, Its participants are concentrated in the western region and some areas of Tripoli and its environs. With their endeavor to mobilize in all regions of Libya to participate in it – according to the statement of those responsible for it, In this brief, we will get to know the organizers, supporters, lurkers, and those who disagree with this movement, with a reading of its expected results and outcomes.

Movement of July 27: To where ??

The movement is taking off, as its organizers say . By organizing peaceful demonstrations in the cities of the western region and some areas of Tripoli, which the movement organizers claim have many of their supporters. Those in charge of it confirm that they will organize a march on foot from the city of Zawiya to Martyrs Square in Tripoli. Then they will announce a sit-in in the field until their demands are met. Which aims to overthrow the entire political bodies, “the Supreme Council of State, the House of Representatives, and the Presidential Council,” existing governments, and end the transitional phases, Also, among the goals mentioned by the movement, The need to hold the corrupt accountable. And stop the bleeding of corruption and theft in Libya.

Others describe that among the requirements of the plan, It will clean the western region, The beginning will be the closure of the road line linking the Al-Muradad area, extending to the square extending from Al-Assa to Ras Jedir. The aim is to eliminate any influence of a powerful offending force, and pave the way for full military control over the areas that fall under that influence, The other line will be through Al-Sayyad area, passing to Warshafana. And emptying the area of ​​the supporters of Al-Dabiba government who might pose a threat to the movement – according to what the leaders of the movement declared -, While the dimension created by Osama Al-Juwaili’s positioning south of the capital’s cordon areas – southwest – constitutes a real military tributary to this movement.

The sources say that the most prominent person who coordinated the inauguration of this movement is “Shaaban Hadiya”, nicknamed “Abu Obeida”, who has worked on this movement since his return to Libya in February 2023. Where he began to mobilize morally and practically by holding multiple meetings with many delegations that he received at his residence in the city of Zawiya from all regions of Libya to coordinate this movement. After that, Ali announced this movement personally in his meeting with a group of activists broadcast on social networking sites during the previous two days.

It seems that the state of public discontent, And the security, social and political conditions that were expressed by the state of chaos and chaos in the city of Zawiya and its surroundings in the western region, In addition to the state of frustration with the difference and contradictions between the different political bodies, She contributed to crystallizing the movement project among those in charge of it. And the character of “Abu Ubaidah” ​​was formed, which is described as having not stained its hands with the state’s corruption and what was attached to it of what is described as “militias” on state institutions. And its use of that in favor of achieving influence and control, Contribute to the formation of welcome to what he calls for.

Then comes the second place, the list of contributors and supporters of this movement, which brought together many participants, the most important of which is the state of absolute hostility to the government of “Abdul Hamid Al-Dabiba “, which the sources confirm that they form a solid alliance, seeking through their security and military power circles, and their local and regional connections to change the political reality And return to the capital, Tripoli, from which they were expelled several months ago, where the most prominent of these supporters of this movement and its supporters were: Osama Al-Juwaili – Haitham Al-Tajouri – Ayoub Aburas – Muammar Al-Dhawi – and the sons of Abu Zariba, while other sources speak of other personalities from inside Tripoli and its regions in support supportive of this movement.

Then comes the list of those waiting for the results of the movement. And those who inconspicuously seek its success to invest in its results, Perhaps the most important of them on the political level are the “House of Representatives of the State.” Because this movement contributes to their continued implementation of the road map that was approved by both parties – despite the internal debate in the two councils about it -, They believe that the presence of Al-Dabiba government will remain an obstacle to achieving any progress.

Perhaps it is noticeable and strange at the same time that the timing of the parliament session, which was held two days before the date of the date of the “uprising movement”, Specifically, on July 25, in which the principle of forming a third transitional government that would supervise the upcoming elections was approved. As if he came to serve the movement and give it momentum and procedural support to justify its expansion. And let’s not forget the statements of “Khaled Al-Mashri,” in which he indicated that “the government’s recent policies and intransigence may drag the state into bad consequences.” In a sign of understanding, including the willingness of some parties to seek change in any form, in case of the intransigence of the current government.

Then another party comes. security and military lurker, Represented by the General Command that monitors the developments of the situation and works according to what is received from sources to support its allies in the western region, And it knows with certainty that the cost and price of another military experiment similar to the attempt to enter Tripoli in 2019 will not be easy and will not be available unless it changes its tools and plans.

And finally, a list. It is not possible to ignore the reality and importance of the security and military pillars of the national unity government. With the stakes of financial and spatial power and the international alliances that it possesses, And through the arms that support it security and military, However, some believe that the map of alliances has been constantly forming and adapting according to the intersection of interests, visions, influences and positions.

at the end…

Who will be the master of the situation on the day of the movement, national unity government, Or the organizers of the movement and its supporters?

The bets of the last moments may reveal and indicate the reality of what will happen on the day of the movement. And the level of confidence that appears in the performance of the Al-Dabiba government does not indicate their serious fears about this movement. Moreover, what Al-Dabiba believes is that the level of services provided by his government and solutions to many files, most notably the problem of power outages, is a credit to his government. And that the street has become aware and conscious enough to support it and stand behind it.

Or bet the organizers of the movement, Focuses on the speed of response and interaction of the street with the movement, Which was expressed by communication, meetings, pledges and positions.

The two councils recently agreed on the need for change. the formation of a third government, It is a real gain point that does not serve the government in Tripoli. In addition, signs of encouragement and support from the regions, especially the eastern region, are considered to serve the idea and purpose of the movement.

like that , The corruption charges that relate to the government have become a source of alarm and indignation by the man in the street. Which will undoubtedly be in favor of the movement and the desire for change and moving forward to a new transitional stage.

Finally .. Everyone is waiting for what matters will come to him on Thursday, July 27, 2023… Will there be a popular momentum in support of the movement and its supporters, pulling the rug from under all existing political bodies?? .. Or will all of this turn into an armed military movement that will enter the capital into a new phase in which each party will use its cards that can be won?? Or will the movement end in a peaceful way, and all the opposing parties will return to their rules safely at the end of the day.??

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