The decisions of the recent national unity government


It seems that the national unity government headed by “Abdul Hamid Al-Dabiba ” is on its way to defending its presence and talking about the achievements that have been made. It seems that it gives its opponents the opportunity to seize opportunities, which began to loom through a real stumbling block in many of its apparently ill-conceived decisions and reactions. And the critical dilemma in which the government began to put itself.

decisions and reactions

What the Internal Security Agency did recently by arresting the former minister in the Al-Sarraj government, Faraj Boumtari, and the resulting closure of the El-Feel and Sharara fields and others, which led to a significant decrease in oil exports, resulted in a rise in the price of the dollar in the parallel market to 7 piasters, and this It will have repercussions and repercussions that seemed quick.

cause this situation, In revitalizing initiatives to link the southeast with the southwest, Which was called by many in order to raise marginalization and suffering, He transcended the state of superiority felt by the residents of the south in the dealings of politicians in the north.

Also worth noting, This arrest is on the level of opportunities, In the foreseeable future, Boumtari will serve as governor of the Central Bank of Libya. As the arrest warrant presented Boumtari’s personality to the community as a real and supported competitor, And he began to talk about his integrity and his stances. The last of which was mentioned by “Khaled Al-Mashri,” the head of the Supreme Council, regarding his good performance during the period of the national reconciliation government. And he was not accused of any case, felony or corruption.

Then entering the United States was on the line of condemnation for the two incidents of arrest and prevention. Where she stated in a statement through her embassy in Libya her condemnation of the arrest of “Faraj Boumtari”, and prevent members of the Council of State from traveling, and holding their travel documents at the Internal Security Office, In its statement, it affirmed its support for the UN mission’s statement on detention and prevention. and the resulting reactions, Especially since no action was taken by the Public Prosecutor or the Tripoli Prosecution Office.

On the other hand, The closure of the fields showed the extent of regularity and connection with which the people of the south deal with the general command in the east. and expressed a clear dependence on it, As no field was closed in the eastern and central regions as a result of the arrest of their son, We find the south hastening to do so, In estimation and perception as unjustified and incomprehensible behavior.

In this context, What the Internal Security Agency did was in implementation of the orders of the government Al-Dabiba , “according to the statements of the head of the Supreme Council of the State, “Khaled Al-Mashri,” By preventing members of the State Council from traveling to Turkey, He recycled the mechanisms of conflict and competition around upcoming benefits.

Where it constituted a quantum leap in harnessing the tools that the national unity government was keen to take note of in order to implement its orders. And caused restrictions on the members of the Supreme Council of the State, who voted for the roadmap, This gave a golden opportunity to Al-Mishri to seek to reunite the divided members of the Council, to refuse to restrict their freedom of movement and the abuse inflicted on their colleagues. Likewise, Al-Mashri gets an opportunity to unify the activities and forces of the corner and change the political dispute between him and the government. to a quarrel between two cities, This is done by securing a meeting of the actors, And some leading social and security personalities and mayors of Zawiya, To discuss the developments that will be placed in the template of the sustainability of the marginalization and the dimensions of officials affiliated with the city.

This was not long overdue. A number of the people of the city of Zawiya left. In a statement condemning the arrest of “Faraj Boumtari”, preventing members of the Council of State from traveling, They described what Al-Dabiba and his lawless security arms did, “according to their description,” towards members of the State Council. Despite the diplomatic immunity they enjoy, it is an “insult to the legislative authority,” They held the ” Al-Dabiba ” responsible for shutting down the oil. the return of chaos and the delay in holding elections, In their statement, they gave the government of national unity, which they described as “out of date,” until the 25th of this month to arbitrate the language of reason.

Likewise in another matter, What the Minister of Interior in the Government of National Unity did at the beginning of this month, In issuing the controversial decision, In which he abolished and merged the security directorates in the cities of the western mountain, And caused chaos in the entire cities of the mountain.

This was another added opportunity for the opponents of Al-Dabiba government. To incite and escalate the situation with the aim of embarrassing the government and leading to its overthrow, As the matter developed, the mountain elders refused to sit with the government committee. And it evolved until some

The armed forces cut off some roads in the region. Undoubtedly, it will be invested by those calling for the end of the government Al-Dabiba and taking advantage of the opportunity they had.

And the conclusion of the activities of yesterday, Thursday, July 13, Which is also feared to be not in the interest of Al-Dabiba government. What happened in the final matches of the Libyan League, And the derby match between Al-Ahly Club – Tripoli failed to be held. And Al-Ittihad Club, as a result of the latter’s withdrawal from the match, And the Football Association crowned Al-Ahly club in Tripoli with the league title. Which was met with great objection from football fans and some old sports clubs.


All the competition and controversy about the requirements of power between politicians in the Libyan state, It gives the opportunity to the UN delegate, “Abdullah Bathily,” to hasten to intensify his internal and external consultations. And announcing his initiative, which he began hinting at in his recent statements, to transcend the present bodies, He will establish a new dialogue committee, “a high-level committee,” according to his description. oversee the transitional situation, By choosing a mini-government that paves the way for the elections.

this context, He was preceded by the head of the Libyan government, “Osama Hammad,” affiliated with Parliament. In his statement, in which he said, “We warn all political and diplomatic figures and international missions not to enter and roam the cities and villages under our government’s control in the south and east of the country, Only after obtaining the necessary approval and permits from the government.”

Has the team of the head of the national unity government, “Abdul Hamid Al-Dabiba “, really lacked the skill in managing the final decisive stations? The prevailing impression was, That he was able to reach large segments of society through the performance of his government, which some classify, That it approached the citizen in a relatively different way from its predecessors from the governments? .

Or are there internal and external evidence and arrangements that the government Al-Dabiba is aware of and has thrown its weight on government positions? And forced her to export these positions.

The random, ill-conceived and impromptu decisions contributed to closing the fields in the south, disobedience and clear discontent in most of the western mountain regions, suspicion and apprehension in the city of Zawiya, and mobilization and lurking in the military leadership in the east, all of which raises questions . Where can you go and lead these accelerating events in the coming period?


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