who are we?

The Libyan Center for Security and Military Studies is a research center concerned with security and military studies and research, according to the comprehensive vision of the concept of security, which considers that security has five sectors:

political sector

economic sector

military sector

environmental sector

community sector

The Center also proceeds in its studies and research from three separate points of view: the individual, and state, and the international system.

The center was launched in August of the year 2021 AD. Since its inception, it has issued more than fifty position papers appreciating many of the events and issues that Libya is going through. In addition to several research policy papers, And special papers for media monitoring and knowing the general impression of the citizen towards some sensitive issues.

And we at the Libyan Center for Security and Military Studies are trying, with others, to help raise the level of awareness of the citizen and his sense of citizenship.

And we don’t say we can do everything on our own. But with the help of active forces, patriots and interested people, as well as other study centers, And we can all help spread awareness and culture among our honorable people.


Director General of the Libyan Center for Security and Military Studies

Stable pillars and general controls for our business performance policy


The Center puts at the top of its list of priorities work to assist researchers and decision-makers by conveying a clear picture of the course of international and regional events in an informational academic format that enables removing ambiguity from the political, security and military scene through deep and impartial analyzes of various related issues and provides recommendations and scenarios to the concerned authorities and decision makers.

Stable pillars

The Center’s work is based on a set of firm pillars in its policy to perform its work, namely:

  • Neutrality and independence away from any agendas or ideologies.
  • Scientific methodology, databases and accurate information to ensure the excellence and quality of the center’s outputs.
  • Seeking to positively influence decision makers and relevant authorities.
  • Developing and upgrading the center’s research and studies.
  • The multiplicity of sources and the cumulative construction of data on which the systematic analysis is based.
  • Introducing the comprehensive meaning of the concept of security in a way that serves researchers and those interested.

General controls

1. The center sets its plans and programs based on its own orientations away from any external influences, in addition to the orientations and policies
The general rule of the Libyan state, taking into account the regional and international trends related to the Libyan issue.

2. The center focuses on harmonizing its policies with the plans and projects of the state in related fields.

Achieving intellectual leadership in the fields of studies, research and military sciences

Presenting studies based on various accurate information and local and regional partnerships to support decision-making and those interested in the same field

We cherish our values, put before our eyes objectivity, honesty and honesty, deal with transparency and inclusiveness, and value creativity.

The strategic and general goals of the center

  • Collecting information, data, studies, reports, surveys and statistics that achieve the goals of the center.
  • Monitoring, recording and documenting events related to the Libyan state.
  • Conducting studies and research in the security and military aspects in line with the objectives of the Center at the national and regional levels.
  • Identifying and introducing intellectual, security, political and military trends.
  • Providing consultations to the public and private sectors.
  • Conducting public opinion polls and field surveys.
  • Scientific cooperation with corresponding institutions, other study centers, Arab and foreign universities and institutes with similar purposes and interests.
  • Publication of studies and research.
  • Contribute to the advancement of community awareness of public issues in Libya.
  • Participation in local, Arab and international conferences, events and meetings related to the work of the Center.

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