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Tripoli on hot tin ( 2 )

Tripoli clashes: Repercussions of events and reactions


Military sources reported, With renewed clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli between the two special deterrence forces and the 444th Brigade, After a pause Tuesday morning, Against the background of the detention of Colonel “Mahmoud Hamza” at Mitiga Airport yesterday evening, Monday, August 14, by the deterrent apparatus.
The Anadolu Agency quoted a source in the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Unity that armed confrontations broke out between the Deterrence Service for Combating Crime and Terrorism of the Presidential Council and the 444th Brigade of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of National Unity.
Against the background of the arrest, manifestations of tension began since Monday evening, By deploying the 444th Brigade its vehicles and armed vehicles in the areas under its control in Al-Farnaj, Ain Zara and Salah Al-Din, While some sources confirmed, The leaders of the 444th Brigade gave the deterrence apparatus 24 hours to release “Mahmoud Hamza”, However, the deterrence apparatus took the initiative to attack the checkpoints of the 444th Brigade in the areas of Al-Farnaj and Ain Zara, Which accelerated the outbreak of clashes between them, In a statement carried by some Libyan news outlets late on Tuesday evening, leaders in the 444th Combat Brigade, Colonel Mahmoud Hamza is still detained by the Deterrence Service and there is no truth to what is reported in the various media about his release – as stated in a statement.

Repercussions of events and reactions

In light of the continued clashes and the tendency of the situation to armed escalation and the lack of signs of calm, There is a strange silence from the political leaders, Whether the government, the Ministry of Defense, the Chief of Staff, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Supreme Council of State for more than 24 hours, From the beginning of the tension in the capital Tripoli between the parties to the conflict, There was no comment until the afternoon of the second day of clashes, Tuesday (August 15th).
Where she was, The beginning of the statements from the officials in the Libyan state by “Ramadan Abu Jinnah”, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, If he said in a statement in which he called on all parties in the capital Tripoli to calm down, And give priority to the language of reason and miss the opportunity to ignite sedition on those he described as stalkers in the stability and security of Tripoli.
On the other hand, the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, “Abdul Hamid Dabaiba” in his capacity as Minister of Defense, Reaching an agreement with the notables of the Friday market to hand over Colonel “Mahmoud Hamza” to a neutral party in a strange paradox in terms of organizational hierarchy and military hierarchy

And worth mentioning , During the writing of this paper, it was announced that the commander of the 444th Brigade was handed over to a neutral party. as stated in the statement issued by the Government of National Unity).
The President of the Presidential Council, “Mohamed Al-Menfi” also issued today, His instructions to his deterrence apparatus to refer Colonel Mahmoud Hamza, commander of the 444th Combat Brigade, to the General Staff of the Libyan Army, He also sent a message to the General Staff and the security and military agencies not to move and abide by orders, A complete ceasefire and the formation of a committee to investigate the events are necessary.
As issued by the Presidency of the House of Representatives and the State Council, Statements in which it stressed condemning the armed clashes taking place in the capital Tripoli, Which caused terror to the security people and endangered their lives, He also held “Aguila Saleh” Speaker of the House of Representatives legal, moral and humanitarian responsibility, For the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, “Abdul Hamid Dabaiba”.
UN envoy Abdullah Bateli also commented, “I am deeply concerned about the ongoing security developments in Tripoli. I remind all parties of the need to give the highest priority to civilians, I also urge everyone to stop the escalation, exercise restraint and respect the desire of the Libyan people and their aspiration for peace and stability.” According to a statement issued by him.
In the same regard, The Presidency of the University of Tripoli announced the suspension of study, exams and administrative work for Tuesday, August 15, 2023, Against the background of the tense security situation in the vicinity of the University of Tripoli due to the intensity of armed clashes between the two parties to the conflict in its geographical surroundings, The Ministry of Education also announced the postponement of the second round exams for the secondary certificate for this day Tuesday in the municipalities of Souq al-Juma and Ain Zara due to clashes in the capital Tripoli.

noteworthy , Clashes between the two parties to the conflict are still raging intermittently in the southern neighborhoods of the capital Tripoli since Monday evening, The Emergency Medicine Center has announced late in the evening of Tuesday, August 15, That the clashes resulted in (27) dead and more than (160) wounded from both sides, And the evacuation of more than (234) families who were stuck in the areas of clashes, The Ministry of Health of the Government of National Unity also announced its urgent need for all blood groups, To save the lives of those injured in the clashes in the city.

On the other hand , The spokesman for Misrata International Airport, Suleiman Al-Juhaimi, said yesterday evening in a media statement, “A number of airlines have transported their aircraft from Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli, To Misrata airport as a precaution, as a result of the security tension in the capital”, Mitiga Airport also announced the suspension of all flights to Mitiga Airport from Benina-Benghazi Airport.

noteworthy , These clashes are not the first between the parties to the conflict in recent months. On May 28, the capital Tripoli witnessed clashes that lasted for hours between the Deterrence Service and the 444th Brigade, Against the background of the arrest of the first, one of the brigade’s commanders.
The deterrence service also accused the 444th Brigade of fighting earlier last weekend, by arresting a number of members of his companies and demanding their release, For lack of response, the Department of Operations and Judicial Security, of yesterday’s deterrence apparatus, Issuing its decision to arrest the commander of the 444th Combat Brigade “Mahmoud Hamza”, While inside Mitiga airport heading to the city of Misurata, Accompanied by Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dabaiba and the Chief of Staff – some sources stated.
Note that, The clashes are still going on and sporadic Gunfire was still heard in several areas of the capital Tripoli – as of the time of writing late on Tuesday.

Finally … There is a state of cautious anticipation between the two parties to the conflict on the one hand, And between the various security and military agencies on the other hand, which have special accounts with the parties to the dispute, She waits for the right moment to settle her scores.
Will these clashes between “different tectonic entities” stop? And working to reach a temporary consensus formula between them ?? , Or will the coming hours have another opinion?

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