Will next week be reconciliation week? !!

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    Many politicians and observers who follow the Libyan political scene are betting that the coming week will witness a shift in terms of the steps that draw and formulate the political process. And the state of political deadlock can witness a state of breakthrough through the initial approval that was from the vote of the High Council of State in favor of its adoption of the road map.

    Where it was announced that the High Council of State has endorsed and approved the road map, A member of the Advisory State Council, Adel Karmous, confirmed in a press statement that the council’s vote on the road map proposal is valid according to the regulations. And that the map will be referred to the House of Representatives for discussion and compilation before a final vote on it. He confirmed that the session was originally suspended. It could have been held by one-third of the number of members. which is already achieved, And that the vote was achieved by the vote of half of the attendees, Many optimists expect members of the House of Representatives, That there be a number of notes that can be attached to what was approved by the Supreme Council of State, This bet comes on the background of the prevailing belief among some members of the House of Representatives that the decisions of the (6 + 6) committee are binding, as it is a committee elected by both houses. It was granted the powers to adopt, approve and refer its outputs to the two councils to take the procedural nature that is not subject to objection.

    According to what some members of the House of Representatives record, It remains for them to take the next step, which will be in the next week, responsible for approving the map, including its amendments. This step is then followed by its referral to the (6 + 6) committee entrusted with whitewashing and approving the amendments. After the final amendment by the Committee (6 + 6), the map will be returned to the House of Representatives and the State Council.

    This optimistic spirit, which began to prevail in some circles of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State, It is the result of their feeling the advanced level of compatibility that has begun to become a reality. Dedicated to the challenge that has come to threaten the survival of the two chambers and the necessity of creating and appreciating a level of cohesion with which the two chambers cross their path to the challenges and the difficult next stage, The international and regional interferences are now imposing themselves. and affect the levels of power east and west, It tends to formulate arrangements and understandings in which the members of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State see that it may result in evidence that they are bypassed. Or limit any action or influence they may have in formulating the next stage.

    In contrast , A number of members of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State disagree with the optimists because they have some reservations about some practices and procedural aspects. Which has real reviews.

    for example , A member of the High Council of State, “Magda Al-Falah,” saw that some members of the Council actually objected to the illegality of voting. for violating the rules of procedure, It considered that what happened was a hasty decision-making within the council. MP “Idriss Boufayed” criticized the State Council’s vote on the road map and considered it a violation of the Council’s internal regulations.

    On the part of the House of Representatives, It fails in its last session, In particular, its meeting shall be postponed to the next Tuesday. Which many considered to be a continuation of the confusion inherent in the performance of members of parliament. And confirms the state of division taking place among its members.

    proposed roadmap

    According to the statements of a member of the (6 + 6) committee, The proposed road map for the country provides for the formation of a mini-government, limited to sovereign ministries only, So that the number of ministerial portfolios does not exceed (12), It requires that nominations and recommendations be through the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State. Provided that the door for candidacy for the presidency of the new government is opened for a period of 20 days. With regard to mini government work, One of the members of the committee, “Fathallah Al-Sariri,” said that “it will be limited to providing basic services, Supervising the elections in terms of material and security. He continued in his statement, “The House of Representatives is the body empowered to give legitimacy and approval to the mini-government.” In agreement with the Highest of State, It should be given a temporary budget only to conduct and supervise the elections.” The specified time period requires that the elections be completed within 240 days from the issuance of the electoral laws approved by the (6 + 6) committee. With some elaboration of conditions, Most notably, the need for a candidate for prime minister to obtain the recommendation of (15) deputies from the House of Representatives. and (15) deputies from the State Council, And that the Council of State votes on the candidates, then the Council of Representatives, in two public sessions. The winner of the prime minister is the one who gets the most votes in both chambers. He must then commit himself to forming the government within 20 days of his assignment.

    Challenges and difficulties

    noteworthy, Some of the top members of the state That the pace with which the House of Representatives is moving and that it is supposed to fulfill the requirements that fall upon it, which does not reach the level of aspirations, It shows that he is unable to play his important role at this critical stage. The insistence on the part of some parties to adopt the road map before issuing electoral laws is a negative indication of the intentions of the two councils towards the elections .

    Likewise, there will be no point in approving the road map by the Council of State unless it is endorsed by the Council of Representatives. Therefore, the members of the High Council of State describe that the House of Representatives is always late in taking the required decisions, which the stage requires the necessity of speedy completion. Therefore, some voices were raised at the top of the state, demanding that the Presidential Council issue the laws emanating from the Joint Committee Agreement (6 + 6), and forward it to the High Electoral Commission, To start preparing for the electoral process, In view of the circumstances the House of Representatives is going through, Whereas, the Presidency of the Council distributed to the deputies, during the last session, a copy of “Aqeela Saleh’s” remarks on the electoral laws, about which there is much controversy about their content. And about the possibility of passing it and including it as an amendment to the electoral laws, This caused a quarrel between the deputies. It ended with the formation of a committee of several members to heal the rifts and differences between the deputies. The session ended with an agreement to put forward those decisions that were issued during the session on June 26, for voting.


    • Despite the approval of the road map by the High Council of State in its last session, However, the reservation that started from within the Council confirms the state of discrepancy. And the sharp difference between its members regarding the road map.
    • Also, the state of the House of Representatives and the division that has begun is evident among its members (a group of members linked to the General Command, And others revolve in the orbit of the President of the Council, Aqila Saleh). It expresses the difficulty of reaching approval and approval of the road map without including it. Which would achieve the ceiling of the demands expressing the point of view of the two parties.
    • Unless, in the coming days, the facts that prevent reaching the approval of the road map change, The state of aggravation will continue, which opens the way for the head of the national unity government, “Abdul Hamid Al-Dabiba ,” to invest that in the direction of ending his understandings that are being talked about with the military leadership in the eastern region in order to reach the continuation of his government. With a ministerial change agreed upon between the two parties, Similar to the understandings of the Petroleum Corporation between the two parties previously.

    July 11, 202

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