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What is happening in the eastern region??


Surprising events follow remarkably in the eastern region, to draw a set of questions and observations about the interpretation of the behavior that occurred from the various parties, and the nature of the developments that paved the way for this behavior. In this paper, we will shed light on some of these events and variables, and related questions that need answers Perhaps in the coming days we will have some logical explanations for what is happening.


In the Mosaed area on the Egyptian border, the joint security force deports more than 4,000 illegal immigrants, most of them Egyptian nationals. They were found in warehouses in the border area, belonging to one of the smugglers there. The same force raided another warehouse containing 700 kilos of hashish with Approximately one million and six hundred thousand narcotic tramadol pills were intended for promotion inside Libya. At the same time, “Khaled Khalifa Haftar”, the commander of the 106th Brigade of the General Command in the eastern region, begins to launch a campaign against Egyptian workers on the Libyan-Egyptian border in the Amsaed area, and they are photographed transported by force of arms in large trucks, in an appearance described by many. as “inappropriate”. And that a scene that is presented in this way is surprising, in light of the usual relationship between the Egyptian state and Field Marshal “Khalifa Haftar”, the permanent ally, as well as the insistence on transferring them from Amsaad to Tobruk, at a time when the distance to the Egyptian border was closer, and transferring them to it was easier and more abundant! ! …While “Abbas Kamel”, the head of the Egyptian General Intelligence, and the first responsible for the Libyan file in the Egyptian state, in contact with “Khalifa Haftar”, expressed his great anger at the manner in which the displaced Egyptians were deported, and orders that the situation be dealt with immediately, and that As reported by the Egyptian newspaper “The Seventh Day”, it is also being circulated that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry will summon “Aqeela Saleh”, the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, against the backdrop of the issue of the deportation that took place for the Egyptians in a humiliating way, according to their expression. While sources confirm, quoting the Egyptian security authorities, that they have returned 2,000 displaced Egyptians Of the total of 4,000 to Libya, because they are linked to military investment companies, close to the Rajma leadership, according to what those sources said. In Tobruk, Brigadier General “Sami Idris,” Tobruk Security Director, announces the start of the security campaign against drug dealers and hallucinogenic pills, and the outlaws. The law, and the initiation of demolishing and removing slums inside the city, and the joint force is supporting the helicopters targeting illegal immigration smuggling sites, drug trafficking dens in the areas of “Kampot and Bir Al-Ashhab”, and the areas adjacent to the border city of Amsaad. At a time when this security presence embodied a manifestation of reassurance and satisfaction among the citizen, given that it touched on sensitive issues related to community security and combating manifestations of criminality, others understood it to rectify the situation in the region and rearrange the situation in it, especially since the General Command is well aware of the tribal nature of society and its clarity. Confronting projects that target the state, including the issue of naturalization for so-called returnees from Egypt, and accusing some of the military leadership in the eastern region, previously, of trying to employ the numbers of expatriates in the files of the upcoming electoral benefits. The statement of the youth of the city of Tobruk at the beginning of last July 2022 was strong in its rejection of any project or law that allows naturalization or resettlement, at the expense of the existing societal structure, with a warning to politicians and tribal sheikhs who are complicit in this project, against allowing it to pass and bear the consequences of escalation. likely so. On the other hand, and in a remarkable development, the Al-Obeidat tribe is expelling the 106th Battalion and taking control of Al-Abraq Airport, in response to the fact that “Khalid Khalifa Haftar Al-Ferjani” brought members of the 106th Battalion, and his attempt to enter the airport in order to control it. As a result, Two days later, the Al-Obaidat tribe held a meeting of the tribe’s members, in which they made clear their strong rejection of the attempt of the sons of Field Marshal Haftar, “Khaled and Saddam”, to seize and control the camps and airports within the geographical scope of the tribe, and they issued a strongly worded and clear statement addressed to the General Command in Al-Rajma. The Marshal “Haftar” and his project to rule Libya, in which he sees a fait accompli, and a policy that cannot be reversed, for which all steps and actions must be interpreted in a way that serves the idea of reaching power and establishing military rule for him and for those after him. Therefore, we understand that the level of reforms in the eastern region, which has actually started with the maintenance of roads and buildings, and the implementation of various infrastructure projects, is, in fact, an attempt to win public opinion in favor of the project of governance that Field Marshal Haftar seeks, and who will not tolerate any limitation. From his influence and control over the eastern region, which explains some of the recent and rapid moves of his sons. Therefore, it seems that there was a real desire to quickly dispose of the budget, which was required to be disbursed by the Bashagha government, to the leadership of the translation, which was estimated to exceed 5 billion Libyan dinars, and some sources indicate that Bashagha refused to liquidate this budget, In favor of the requirements of the General Command, which some interpreted as this refusal, was one of the main reasons for the exclusion of Bashagha and his removal from the presidency of the government, by the House of Representatives, using the Nepalese tools of the General Command in Parliament, and in the absence of the Speaker of the House from the impeachment session.

Conclusion ..

reforms taking place in the eastern region, Many observers believe that it is in the interest of the citizen. Even if it is under the weight of the need to succeed in the next electoral project for Field Marshal Haftar. Procedures for the deportation of the two Egyptian delegations from eastern Libya, makes speculation about the existence of an incomprehensible crisis recently between Haftar and Cairo come out into the open, It was expressed by Abbas Kamel, the angry head of the Egyptian intelligence service, with Haftar. Although some sources indicate that the level of Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement, may have an effect on what happened on the one hand, Likewise, the Egyptian rapprochement with the head of the national unity government, “Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba,” on the other hand. Also, the behavior of “Aqeela Saleh”, And the recent actions of his tribe “Al-Obeidat”, He also gives a new look to the contrast between him and Haftar.But There remain a set of questions, including, for example: What is the reason for this decline in the relationship between Field Marshal Haftar and the Egyptian authorities?? Especially if we recall the statements of Haftar, in which he always expressed the depth of strategic relations with the Egyptian regime, and he indicated on one occasion that the Libyan lands could receive about 10 million Egyptian citizens, so why is he today deporting and expelling the Egyptian expatriate workers in a way that the Egyptian media considers it “insulting and unjust” Decent”, and what are the messages he wants to deliver to the Egyptian authorities?? What are the indications of timing?? And did it coincide with Field Marshal Haftar’s recent communication with the national unity government, to the point of coordination between the two, in an attempt to remove Aqila Saleh from his position as Speaker of Parliament, who is considered a strategic ally of the Egyptian regime, as stated by some informed sources??. Can it be said that she is One of Haftar’s pressure cards is on the Egyptian diplomacy, due to its entering into inter-party arrangements with the Turkish government, especially since he is well aware of the level of the Dabaiba government’s connection with the Turkish state?? The frenzied competition of everyone to gather his strength and advocate, and puts them in front of him in the face of the other’s project.

June 6 , 2023

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