The statements of Tunisian President “Qais Said” between internal employment and exploitation of the Libyan political division

During his visit to the headquarters of the Tunisian Petroleum Activities Corporation, On Friday, March 17, 2023, Tunisian President Kais Saied presented Thursday, A map of the Libyan Buri field. He stated that it was supposed to be divided equally between the two municipalities in 1974, but the strained relations prevented that.

He also said, “His country has only obtained crumbs from the Bouri oil field, which can secure their needs and more.”

Then he added, “There was an intention to share the field with Libya, and it was proposed by the former Libyan Foreign Minister, Abd al-Salam al-Triki, to divide it into two halves.” Saeed continued his speech until he reached the ruling issued by the International Tribunal, which he described as unfair and Tunisia did not get According to it, except for Ali Al-Fatat, and he concluded his speech by saying: “There are indications for the exploitation of many other fields, and we (i.e. Tunisia) can suffice from natural gas, in addition to the possibility of producing electricity from renewable energy.”

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