The entry of the joint force into the Libyan south and its possible effects on foreign gangs and mercenaries


On March 2, 2023, an initial agreement was announced between the Chiefs of Staff of the Western Region Forces, “Muhammad Al-Haddad,” and the Chief of Staff of the Eastern Region Forces, “Abdul Razzaq Al-Nadouri,” to form the nucleus of the unified Libyan Army, on the sidelines of the symposium that took place in Italy for the African chiefs of defense, and the meeting that took place Sponsored by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM).

A series of meetings were held to reinforce this step, with another meeting in Tunisia on March 15 of the same month. It was reinforced by the Tripoli meeting on the 26th of the same month, and these meetings were attended by members of the Committee (5 + 5) and security and military leaders from the East and West camps in a historic meeting.

And according to what was revealed by the Italian Nova Agency, quoting private Libyan sources, These meetings will result in a series of procedural operations that will be taken very soon. Its first step is to establish a joint force to be sent to the Libyan south. Its first step will be its control over areas of southern Libya and securing some outlets with neighboring countries.

According to the same source, The idea is initially to form three battalions representing the western, eastern and southern regions. to be its leaders, Chief of Staff, “Muhammad Al-Haddad,” on behalf of the West. And on the East, the Chief of Staff, “Abdul Raziq Al-Nadouri.”


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