Darfur.. The next danger

Introduction: Darfur is a real tragedy

As an extension of the war raging in Khartoum and some of its surrounding areas, which the people of Sudan suffered from its afflictions, Darfur region is witnessing, Which is bordered by three countries to the northwest by Libya, and from the west Chad, From the southwest of Central Africa, Southern unit is the state of South Sudan, In addition to its borders with some Sudanese states such as West Kordofan and the Northern State.

an unprecedented case of armed violence, I made the governor of the Darfur region, the head of the Sudan Liberation Army movement, “Minni Arko Minawi,” to announce a few days ago, “that the Darfur region is a disaster area.”

At the beginning of his speech, he says, “The war was ignited in my country by a plan prepared for it before. And those who run the war now are mere internal tools, on top of which is a “dipper”. who are the most suitable tools that applied the scheme to the letter, as ordained for them.”

Thus, “Minawi” expressed the truth about what is going on in his country, which is living in very difficult conditions. Where the sources indicate that the war taking place between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in some areas of Darfur, evolved into continuous armed tribal clashes, Incidents of looting, sexual assaults and rape, with hundreds of victims.

This is what the situation looks like in the Darfur region, western Sudan. Where the massive and almost complete destruction of the city of “El Geneina” in West Darfur, Reports speak of a significant increase in the number of dead and injured. According to one of the sources, it reached more than 1,000 dead. and about (1000 wounded), and the destruction of thirteen neighborhoods in the “El Geneina” area alone, which is considered the capital of West Darfur, which led to a large displacement movement, It exceeds, according to some sources, more than a million people. The clashes also affected the shelters, where eleven shelters were burned in the city. A number of camps were damaged. Some sources confirm the death of all kidney patients in the city. And bloody tribal clashes are still going on. According to journalists, activists and media professionals, The situation threatens to bring back memories of twenty years back. Where the bloody accidents and tragedies of 2003.

The Jabal Al Owainat Triangle is in the spotlight

On the border with Libya and close to the “Mountain Al Owainat Triangle” area. The Sudanese army engaged in a fierce battle against the Rapid Support Forces, and seized a military base called “Chevrolet” in the early days of the conflict, It is a base not far from the Libyan border and the city of Kufra, the capital of the Libyan southeast, in particular. Where is the aforementioned boundary triangle located, Around which many events revolve.

mountain triangle, Strategically located on the migration route north through Libya to the Mediterranean, Where the Rapid Support Forces employ him in many of their suspicious activities in the region, The base of “Chevrolet” is located within the perimeter of the triangle between Sudan, Libya and Egypt in the Owainat mountain range.

Some sources mention that the rebel factions in Darfur, It has a permanent presence in southern Libya. Through which it receives support from its citizens and armed groups stationed in southern Libya, Through ports and land corridors on the borders between the two countries, Taking advantage of the rugged terrain and the vast area of ​​the Jabal Al Owainat triangle, It is worth noting that the Sudanese authorities warned the “Sudanese army” earlier of using Libyan lands to deliver fuel and aid to the Rapid Support Forces.

And what is remarkable here, Interest in this sensitive area has been delayed for many years, despite its strategic importance. Where the height of Mount Owainat is (1934 meters) above sea level. It is a mountain range in the border area between Libya – Egypt – Sudan. Owainat Mountain covers an area of ​​1,500 square kilometers. And most of its area lies within the Libyan lands. German Professor Rudolf Cooper, one of the most prominent experts specializing in the study of this mountainous region, said, “Mount Al-Awainat is an ideal place for people to hide behind huge rocks. As well as to cross the border without going through any border security points.

And the areas of the Darfur region are not far from the Libyan border, And the outbreak of clashes between the army and the Rapid Support Forces in North Darfur, especially in the city of “Kutum”, warns of the danger of a large displacement movement from the Sudanese side, fleeing the scourge of war. The regions of the Libyan south will be subject to the accumulation of groups of displaced persons and fleeing unarmed civilians and armed fighters alike. thus likely, The city of Kufra will be the most affected Libyan city by this displacement. And other cities in the southwest will also be no exception, Especially if we know that the southern environment is not alien to the armed Sudanese factions. Which had rounds and contacts with all the conflicting political parties in the Libyan state since the previous regime, Down to the parties to the current conflict.

And if we know that the large wave of displacement that has already reached the Chadian lands and is coming from the regions of West Darfur and other Sudanese regions, The Chadian government will not be able to absorb their huge numbers. With difficult living conditions, and economy for all Chadian people, Therefore, it is very likely that these groups will continue their displacement to the north towards the Libyan lands. where the security areas are soft, whose economic conditions and livelihoods are considered to be the best in the region, Likewise, due to the absence of central state authority in the region, And the existence of a state of political division that casts a shadow over the entire Libyan scene. security, military, economic and social All of that will be a suitable environment for those groups.

Gold mines attract waves of displaced people

The overactivity related to the gold mines, It is another dimension that is considered tempting and encouraging for many to come to Libya and settle there. Taking advantage of the presence of housing units scattered in the south of Libya (east and west), Which is estimated at more than “thirty thousand housing units” that have not been completed since the Qaddafi regime. Which has become vulnerable to exploitation by newcomers in various southern regions.

The sources indicate that there are more than thousands of people coming from neighboring countries who work in mines. And they were already able to obtain very large returns through gold exploration inside the Libyan lands, and selling it to companies and contractors of some countries in the region, Far from any control by the various Libyan authorities, As the border areas between Libya, Chad and Niger are rich in natural minerals, Therefore, the experiences of previous families who settled in the south and whose children became employed in gold mines, It is tempting and encouraging to many.

Libyan state.. And the truth of what is going on

In this regard , We will not go beyond when we talk about the official state institutions. and its various devices, Hundreds of millions of dinars have been spent on it over the past ten years. which was intended, Protecting borders and combating smuggling of all kinds, But the result is nearly a quarter of a million people from sub-Saharan countries who live in various regions of southern Libya. Which allowed them conditions, chaos, and widespread corruption that weakened the various state apparatuses. to find their way to live, and stability in southern Libya.

In light of the complete absence of the state system, Some of them were allowed by circumstances to obtain “official or forged” Libyan documents. And worse than that… Some of them were able to join the state’s security and military apparatus. People like these may be the ones who will represent the state in its southern outlets. They are entrusted with protecting the borders and protecting the citizens in that region!! .

The question now arises, What are the preparations of the Libyan state and its governments in the east and west? and its police, security and military agencies, To deal with scenarios for the development of events in Sudan, And its possible effects on the Libyan state? , Is it possible for the political parties and the security agencies to rush to absorb and rectify the potential danger?

This danger represents specifically the various dimensions of Libyan national security. Which could also storm the region by completing it, portends great disasters, its regression reaches the limits of the mean, The country will not be the same country. The inhabitants of the south will not be its inhabitants. Note that the Libyan national unity government headed by “Abdul Hamid Al-Dabiba ” at the end of 2022, had decided to reopen the border crossings between Libya and Sudan, To resume the movement of people and goods between the two countries, In a step that it believed would allow the official re-circulation of land commercial traffic, away from smuggling, which has not been interrupted.

While the General Command at the time had a different opinion. Whereas, by a decision of its leadership, “Khalifa Haftar,” the Libyan-Sudanese border was closed last January, Of what she said about this step, “it is an escalation of danger for the Sudanese armed opposition factions, And they are active on the border with Libya.” and objected to the move of the national unity government, and described it as not serving the national interest, In light of the continued security and military unrest on the southern borders.

This discrepancy between the governments in Libya, It is one of the reasons why individuals and armed groups from neighboring countries were able to move easily across the borders. entering Libyan territory and participating in various activities, Including smuggling, illegal immigration, trade and smuggling of fuel, weapons, drugs, hashish, chameleon, and armed robbery. All of this threatens the entity and basis of Libyan national security.


All state institutions must mobilize all their efforts to contain the results of the violent battles in Sudan. And to expedite in sparing the southern region a state of division in the security and military institutions, and to hasten to work with rigor, to secure borders, preventing infiltration and limiting the movement of armed groups, And pay attention to the importance of the long border strip, which overlooks an area rich in minerals. It must work hard to take all necessary measures to protect and employ mines in national development projects. and diversified sources of income, And exploiting it in the tools of influence and control of a local dimension, both regional and international.


Those of the officials and decision-makers who could not comprehend the reality of what is happening in southern Sudan, And the grand scheme that is being drawn for Darfur, And other plans for the southern Libyan region, one day you will wake him up, The groans and cries of the people of the Libyan south, who will be a large part of them on the outskirts of the coasts of the Mediterranean, An escape from the scourge and hell of wars and crime.

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