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The Weekly Observatory, June 24, 2023

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In this paper , we seek to shed light on a summary of the current political events during the previous period , and we aim to read an analytical view of some positions , and try to understand their context and present them to those interested , to contribute and raise awareness about the events and their developments.

Election laws and the hopes of the new governmentin the balance of the High Electoral Commission

After the electoral laws were issued by ( 6 + 6 ) , the High National Elections Commission expressed its reservations. Considering that they are technically impossible to conduct elections Where its president , Imad Al-Sayeh , expressed his regret over the lack of The Joint Committee sends any official copy to the High Electoral Commission, Appealing to the Committee to communicate with the Commission for the purpose of providing technical advice In order to avoid the need to amend what is issued from legislation that is binding and final, Or transmit any copy of the laws to her Despite UNHCR’s repeated request to communicate with the committee directly or through the House of Representatives.

Sayeh pointed out to that signal The Committee to the Civil and Commercial Procedure Code and the Civil and Military Penal Code keeps the field open to appeals even after the electoral process, Which poses a threat to legitimacy And the stability of the elected authorities , and gives an opportunity not to accept their results Al-Sayeh also stressed that the three operations in the second round cannot be performed simultaneously And in polling day One, Where chaos will prevail in the polling stations, fraud will fall prey, and the counting and sorting phase will be prolonged. What increases the chance of security threats at the time the initial results appear, In addition, the polling stations will not be able to accommodate the numbers of voters Because period length The voter spends to vote in 5 or 6 boxes in some circles, Al-Sayeh pointed out that there are many proposals that can be adopted in order to achieve synchronization between the three electoral processes. Especially since it is linked to the success of the presidential elections, According to him .

Regarding the observations on the law for electing the president , Al-Sayeh indicated that the commission will ask the candidate whether he holds the nationality of another country, and if approved, he will be excluded, and if he conceals Then show it It is considered, according to the law, an electoral crime to make it with false information, Al-Sayeh pointed out that publishing the lists of pilgrims is a violation The principle of secrecy , as the voter’s vote can be known in advance by recommending a candidate. In addition to the need to reformulate Article 42, which states in the current version that the rest of the candidacy conditions may not be challenged except for the nationality condition. The tourist also noted that canceling the result of any position of centers Voting is the prerogative of the commission. Demanding the amendment of Articles of Chapter Nine, some of which omitted laws, The other one needs to be corrected .

Regarding the National Assembly Law , Al-Sayeh indicated that there was an error in the distribution of seats between lists and individuals According to the seat allocation table, where the lists are 154 instead of 155, And individuals 143 instead of 142, pointing to the allocation of seats for women in the two constituencies 17-18 contained in the table of distribution of seats in the House of Representatives .

Al-Sayeh stated that the content of Article 25 contradicts the confidentiality and integrity of the electoral process , and that its application does not follow the necessity of the voter’s consent to hand over information pertaining to him. Not defining what is meant by the “electoral committee” and their descriptions. If what is meant by the polling stations inside the polling centers then This is a violation of the integrity of the electoral process. According to him .

The step of the tourist, some of them counted the gate that will return the laws to Yard discussions again and the possibility of making modifications thereto, Although the Commission’s observations were more technical than others, However, it may be the beginning of an amendment that reaches the issue of dual nationals in particular. Especially since the Committee ( 6 + 6 ) of the House of Representatives was Clarity in dictating the requirement to reduce the burden on it .

On the other hand, the delegation expressed Committee ( 6 + 6 ) of the State Council were surprised by the speech of the President of the High National Elections Commission, Imad Al-Sayeh, about not receiving an official copy of the electoral laws before they were approved. The committee stated in a correspondence to the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State that Al-Sayeh’s statement contradicts itself He stated a few days before the announcement of the outputs of Bouznika. He is in contact with the committee and makes his observations as soon as possible .

The committee continued that it had sent the last two copies of the laws for the elections of the President of the State and the National Assembly to the Commission and took note of its observations, which did not include the last observations that it mentioned in its address to the two councils. The committee added that it discussed to request UNHCR The need to delete the reference to the law pleadings civil And the signal Civil and Military Penal Code, And the opinion settled on their survival as a reference .

The commission stated that the elections presidential And elections my council Representatives and sheikhs Simultaneous was not approved by the committee, but was mentioned in the thirteenth constitutional amendment . Regarding the discussion on the dual nationality clause and Article 15, The committee added that the documents of the candidate in the first round of the presidential elections are not from Among them is the matter of nationality Failure to do so is not a crime. And to bring it is needed in the second round. The committee continued that the Commission’s observations about the disclosure of the lists of sponsorship For the candidates for the elections is a breach The principle of secrecy in the voting process is incorrect, given that it is not a requirement for the sponsor to vote for the candidate he recommended. The committee explained also , The purpose of publishing the recommendation lists is to reduce the forgery process. Noting that the testimonial lists that ran submit it In the election procedures that were to be held in December 2021, it happened forgery big.

The Committee referred to other points made by the Commission that were not answered on her must be taken into account, explaining that it was omitted inadvertently , or that there was an error in the wording, According to the committee .

It is worth noting that these laws may be the first goal of bringing about a new government instead of Al-Dabiba , under the guise of assuming supervision of elections, With the exclusion of the fact that it will work to conduct it truly .. This is what the opponents Al-Dabiba agree upon . As the State Council announced that it had held a meeting with Mohamed Al-Mazoghi in his capacity candidate for the new government, While Aqeela Saleh confirmed, During a parliamentary session in which he hosted his Egyptian counterpart And a delegation of members of the Egyptian Parliament, They are working to establish a government that will supervise the elections. In addition to Haftar’s announcement that he supports the formation of a new government days after meeting him Aqila and about 90 A deputy from Parliament n

Briefing Batelli and Ghia with ” alternatives

Batelli’s last briefing to the Security Council was the focus of everyone’s attention. Where it comes after the expiration of the deadline he granted in a previous session of the House of Representatives and the State Council to complete the introductions to the election file, but it came as “disappointing,” as he described it. Most of those involved in the public file, It was tantamount to announcing the failure of his diplomatic mission in Libya and acknowledgment by her intractability, The evidence for this can be summed up in the fact that he did not present any new mechanisms maybe to pay the complexities of the scene Libyan towards way to solve, Nor did Batelli speak What kind about alternatives that preceded and that put it up In his previous briefing as the formation of a high-level committee includes spectra wider Involved council deputies And the council the above to the state in Preparation Laws electoral .

this, Batelli’s briefing coincided with a surprise visit The Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives, Hanafi Al-Jabali, to Benghazi, where he participated in a session of the House of Representatives headed by Aqila Saleh, Browse through The Egyptian role in support of the constitutional path in Libya, Jebali concluded his visit to Libya with a signature an agreement Cooperation between the Libyan and Egyptian parliaments to activate cooperation between the two chambers in the fields artistic and administrative financial, and share experiences and visits persistent between the two councils .

As some point out to that visit Jebali has her messages confirmed to continue the audience Al-Masry in the Libyan file, specifically its adherence to the House of Representatives and its presidency as a political party that represents its policies and interests in any process of dialogue or new consensus. And that Cairo sensed that the Libyan file would soon pass through a new stage of dialogue that might be more sensitive and accurate. Therefore, She has to specify Its choice and political partner, and implicitly announcing it, which is the House of Representatives and its presidency represented by Aqila Saleh, and this may also mean abandoning Khalifa Haftar, but it is surprising that Al-Jabali did not speak in his speech about the government crisis and did not refer to it, after Cairo was declaring its support for the House of Representatives government And its lack of recognition of the Tripoli government, al-Jabali did not refer to this command, This may be another indicator that reflects a change in Cairo’s policies in the Libyan file, specifically towards the government in Tripoli .

Al-Siddiq Al-Ghaithi “leads reconciliation in Derna

Our sources learned that Khalifa Haftar held a meeting not long ago with the former detainee and one of the dignitaries of Al-Obeidat “Getty Friend” The former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, in the framework of holding consultations with the displaced from the city of Derna aimed at Turning the page on the past “through comprehensive national reconciliation”, According to the sources, a contract Friend of the past days A meeting with some of the displaced and others affiliated with them And that was in the aforementioned house in the capital, Tripoli, in which he dealt with the desire of the eastern leadership to pave the way for reconciliation, including reparation for the damage materially

While the reconciliation file has recently received clear attention from the Rajma leadership, In addition to attempting internal reforms, as was done by the 106th Brigade, led by Khaled Haftar, From naming a special office for complaints of attacks on the homes of the displaced, What really resulted in the evacuation of several homes belonging to displaced persons from Benghazi Observers point out that Al-Rajma deals with reconciliation seriously, with the aim of getting rid of its political, judicial and international consequences, as it is no secret that it is a file laden with blood, war crimes and outlawed acts .

June 24 , 2023

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