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The Weekly Observatory, July 6 – 2023

A weekly report monitoring media and periodicals’ leaks on Libyan affairs, issued by the Libyan Center for Security and Military Studies



In this paper , we seek to shed light on a summary of the current political events during the previous period , and we aim to read an analytical view of some positions , and try to understand their context and present them to those interested , to contribute and raise awareness about the events and their developments.

  • Al-Mashri: New roadmap

The Head of the High Council of State , Khaled Al-Mashri , revealed the intention of the House of Representatives and the State Council to issue a map New way to conduct elections , adding in Statements to my channel Al Arabiya – Event that the road map for holding elections will emerge from a new government and laws election , he said The deadline for holding elections is mid-March. according to his expression .

Al-Mashri stressed that if the head of the national unity government, Abdul Hamid Al-Dabiba ,” refuses to hand over power to the new government, Further measures will be taken against him , stressing the necessity of naming a new head of the Electoral Commission, Considering that the current president has been sentenced, According to him .

And after that, Members of the Supreme Council of State frequently commented on Al-Mashri’s statements. Where the Council’s rapporteur Belkacem Dabris explained That map concerned still merely suggestion , While a member of the Supreme State, Musa Faraj, said that this map It was not discussed in the council , And they don’t know about it , it’s likely to be Prepared by Al-Mishri And Aqila and her goal the formation of a power-sharing government, As he says , Meanwhile, a member of the High Council of State , Amina al-Mahjoub , attacked the head of the council, saying, He is unique in his decision and his statements posed without reference to them, he said saying it, For his part, the member, Adel Karmous, described the proposal well and that Based on the latest consensus between Houses , expected to receive the proposal acceptance between members with some modifications, According to his statements .

The nature of the map

According to a proposal circulated among members The Supreme Council of the State She was Media has subsequently published the map bear in pleats advent with authority Executive new government to be miniature In its formation, equitable geographical representation is taken into account. Without prejudice to the standards of integrity .

The first track included the executive authority file, and the second track National Data and Identity Verification and the Third Constitutional Track, To conclude the proposed map with the path Fourth – the security track .

The map provides for the initiation of procedures Formation of the government new unified, Four The approval of the map by the two councils opens the door for candidacy to head the new government for a term ( 20 ) one day, according to the map, The mandate of the Presidential Council ends with elections According to the timetable set in the Constitutional Declaration, which is ( 240 ) days.

The map stipulates that in the event that the elections cannot be held for any reason, Accordingly , the Presidential Council shall be reconfigured by agreement between the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State The mechanism by which the prime minister was assigned was through lists includes president and representatives from various lists, According to the map, the joint military committee (5 + 5) will develop the necessary security plans , and locate locations and necessary requirements To secure the body that It will be set up by the Supreme Court to hear electoral appeals The map stressed that the committee would resume its duties. regarding security arrangements, In addition to assigning it to develop a vision for unifying the military institution, Provided that it is approved by the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State, and the committee supervises its implementation .

note : The features of the map were briefly discussed here – without prejudice – in line with the fact that the report is a “weekly summary”. Refer to it in full for those who wanted to increase.

  • Oil shutdown between Washington’s envoy and the House of Representatives camp

The statements of the US President’s Special Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, about his rejection of the statements calling for the oil shutdown sparked a wide wave of reactions from the House of Representatives. and government charged from Kiss Along with the commander of the forces affiliated with Parliament, Khalifa Haftar, Where “Norland” responded to the statements of the Prime Minister appointed by Parliament, Osama Hammad ,” in which he announced that he would take His government step To quarantine oil revenues for the year 2020 And beyond , stressing that a red flag will be raised if it is not done Equitable distribution of wealth . Hammad ‘s aforementioned statements were supported From the Chairman of the Energy Committee in the House of Representatives, Issa Al-Araibi , and that before announcing It has Norland . His rejection of these statements .

in contrast And in a wave of reactions, (70) members of the House of Representatives expressed their rejection of Norland’s statements rejecting the threat to shut down the oil. , considering that intrusive On the local Libyan issue, And sure endorse them For the statements of “Hammad”, who later attacked the American envoy by describing his behavior as blatant interference , explaining That waving the flag red to stop the flow of oil revenues, Its goal is to preserve state funds And desist the hands of those he called abusive , and Hammad called on the American ambassador to respect the sovereignty of the Libyan judiciary and not to interfere with bias to any party , considering his statements built on to support one party benefiting from waste People’s money According to him .

Hammad’s statement also urged the House of Representatives and state on speeding up in Taking practical steps to reach the presidential and parliamentary elections and forming a unified executive authority to manage the country’s affairs and resources, According to the expression of the statement .

Following this, the statements of Khalifa Haftar were identified with the government the East and Parliament calling for the formation of a supreme committee, Be able to manage public money fairly He added, The person called Norland And some ambassadors prove it Their abject failure in resolving the crisis, stressing the necessity Formation of the Supreme Committee during the coming period Otherwise The people will be on time , as he put it .

  • New controversy inside Parliament

The House of Representatives announced that its members had voted unanimously during a closed session to choose a president and members of the Constitutional Court developed by them which the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional, In addition to dismissing the current head of the Administrative Control Authority, Suleiman Al-Nasheti ,” and choosing Khaled Al-Mabrouk as his successor, and exemption Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the National Planning Council and the selection of a new board of directors headed by Ahmed Abridan .

The session sparked a wave of statements and push and pull. Where a member questioned The House of Representatives, Muhammad Al-Abani ,” confirmed that the relevant session had been held in the first place , describing it as illegitimate , stressing that the Presidency of the Council did not send a notification For members to hold a meeting from the ground up .

As waved about (40) A deputy in the House of Representatives to boycott its sessions and hold a consultative session in Tripoli after Eid al-Adha , in protest against the relevant session of the House, The deputies considered that the relevant session, void and does not rise to the level of legislation or decision parliamentary, describing What happened in the session with recklessness and try to weaken the House of Representatives, According to their statement .

While the position of the head of the Supreme Council of State, Khaled Al-Mashri ,” agreed with the content of referring the presidency of the oversight body administrative in favor of Mabrouk A successor to Al-Shanti, based on his speech On House Resolution No ( 13 ) for the year 2021 In addition to the ruling issued by the Tripoli Court of Appeal in this regard .

To this point, Al-Mishri’s position may be considered flop Al-Mishri had described the appointment of Parliament to head new to the Administrative Control Authority in March 2020 , that this is not within its competence, regardless of the confusion in the scene between the two councils regarding Regards Assignment of departments and sovereign functions by the council Without return to the top of the state .

While it is indicated that Al-Mashri’s support is only dependent on the succession of “Al-Shanti”, without his support for the appointment of advisors to the Constitutional Court, but his position came opposed In this regard, Where he indicated in a letter addressed to Aqeela Saleh that the decision had been made revoke judicially Earlier , Although Opposition members in Parliament to joomla This is amazing decisions, The decision will usually apply Without paying attention to the legality of the session or not identification with the scene The chaos of the system Laws and regulations in the country, but remain He has an obstacle Abdul Hamid al-Dabiba,” who is now corresponding with the deputies Likewise Through the policy of imposing a fait accompli and indifference to the dismissal and assignment decisions issued by them, Especially in the geographical scope – Tripoli.

  • It is likely to revive the relationship between Cairo and Tripoli

The Turkish ambassador to Cairo said, “Saleh Mutlu Chen, “The improvement of relations between Cairo and Ankara will lead To strengthen the dialogue on Libya , stressing that his country communicate With Egypt on how to deal with The crisis in Libya To work to solve it and ensure its stability and unity , adding The two countries agreed that elections should be held .

This comes in conjunction with odds of Observers and news Journalist , Egypt is Seeking for more steps Frankly And straight towards openness again On the national unity government after a political estrangement that lasted more than a year and a half .

According to the news, Attempts come Cairo in re arrangement of leaves with most files Linked its direct interests, In the foreground is the Libyan crisis file, she said .

In this context , revealed Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper about sources diplomacy Egyptian And another close to the National Committee concerned with the Libyan file That Egyptian circles specialized in the Libyan file, Studying a set of scenarios t Regarding the form of announcing the return of relations between Cairo and Al-Dabaiba, and it is mentioned that the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Kabeer ,” visited Cairo About a week ago, he discussed with his Egyptian counterpart, Hassan Abdullah ,” bank transfers to Egyptian workers in Libya , In addition to addressing the areas of training, development and exchange of experiences global economic conditions, Al-Kabeer’s visit came after the Central Bank of Egypt announced that it had obtained a deposit from Libya worth $700 million by the end of the month general Besides 200 million, in September the past, bringing the total Libyan deposits to 900 million dollars .

As Libyan relations developed economically under the national unity government. With Egyptian companies acquiring the largest share in implementation projects in Libya worth amounted to 3.5 billion dollars, In contrast, Note that the unity government also seeking to develop Relationship with cairo, from during enable it for companies Egyptian on most projects big roads, Nor can this rapprochement be isolated – as we indicated in previous papers – from the Turkish motive, which aspires to ease the conflict with Egypt. Especially since Ankara has a paper that can draw Cairo’s attention towards it. Namely, the issue of demarcation between Libya and Turkey granted Egypt space Prepare greater than the space given her what he throws demarcation mechanism Greece and entity Israeli occupation in pelvis the sea average .

  • New sanctions pursue Emirati companies for supporting Wagner in Libya

Office announced monitoring foreign assets of the US Treasury, impose penalties on (4) Emirati companies and individuals One linked to the Russian Wagner group .

Treasury reported that one companies based in dubai, engaged in the distribution of industrial goods, along with another company based Dubai Working in gold and diamonds, and who controls it, He is the commander of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, experts said To Al Monitor , the penalties that imposed US Treasury Recently on UAE companies may be Affect the The existence of the Wagner group . the mysterious in Libya .

And in 2020, She said an agency The American FBI The Emirates may be be As a source of funding for the Wagner company, despite Abu Dhabi’s denial of these accusations.

He is a lecturer at the School of Security Studies at King ‘s College University . “Andreas Krieg” that the Wagner Group established a group of companies outside the borders after it began its operations in Libya, And that to create Funding sources independent of the Kremlin .

from his side, The non-resident researcher at the Middle East Institute, Anton Mardasov ,” stated that the UAE and the Russian Wagner group are not They have a direct relationship In what Regard in the Libyan file Only pay money Which was being conducted through the mediation of Khalifa Haftar .

July 2023

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