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The Weekly Observatory 06 June – 2023

A weekly report monitoring media and periodicals’ leaks on Libyan affairs, issued by the Libyan Center for Security and Military Studies



In this paper , we seek to shed light on a summary of the current political events during the previous period , and we aim to read an analytical view of some positions , and try to understand their context and present them to those interested , to contribute and raise awareness about the events and their developments.

Bloomberg : Moscow is expanding its influence in Libya against Washington

Bloomberg newspaper said that the Russian ambassador to Libya is preparing to resume his duties and reopen his country’s embassy in Tripoli. , while no Still the United States of America She is considering reopening her embassy And the newspaper pointed out that the reopening of the Russian embassy in Tripoli is an indication of President Putin’s aspiration to achieve progress that goes beyond his traditional support for the military commander Khalifa Haftar, according to its description .

The newspaper reported , that Moscow is expanding Its influence in productive Libya for oil Noting that the Russian Wagner group has Possibility Access to facilities oil the boss, As it previously supported the blockade on the oil fields Libyan, Under the Russian war Ukrainian .

The newspaper added that the recent Russian moves in North Africa , alarmed the United States, which sent a large number of senior officials to counter the progress made by Putin in Libya and the region , The newspaper believes that the United States is in an inappropriate position in Libya , It has no official forces , Or a diplomatic presence , Noting that Russia is achieving other gains in the Middle East at the expense of the United States , The newspaper added that the United States is seeking to overthrow an estimated 2,000 “Wagner” mercenaries present in Libya after their support for Haftar in his war on Tripoli in 2019-2020.

The newspaper said that the “Wagner group is present in four military bases in Libya, According to the Sadiq research center based in Libya _ According to her saying _ , and the newspaper expressed its belief Owning Wagner warplanes, and air defense systems to counter US efforts in Libya And so does Haftar to protect him .

The newspaper explained , that Putin settled on a policy of support the situation current, and he situation It could make Libyan oil exports hostage to Russia , which suffers from the pressure of sanctions on its sales of crude oil according to what it stated in its report.

After the West Coast… A security campaign is chasing immigration in Tobruk

The security forces launched in the city of Tobruk , and another affiliated to Wakil Ministry of Interior charged government from Parliament headed by Khalifa Bashagha Osama Hammad , campaign a wish Wide aims according to novels formal to Combating dens used in organizing Include irregular migration .

The security campaign that was launched after the imposition of a night curfew Ali is a city Tobruk , immigration sites were targeted in the Kampot suburb City , which is the headquarters of We obtained earlier information that it says that it is one of the largest centers used in the crossing of illegal immigrants to Europe .”

practical Tobruk came a few days later The launch of the National Unity Government military campaign by drones on several sites She said it was used to smuggle fuel and transit immigration illegality . Indicates Monitors that the two currencies linked to Europe’s desire to limit immigration to it, Seema And she It came weeks after Haftar ‘s visit to the Italian capital Rome And his meeting The head of the Italian government , “ Georgia Meloni”, while the Dabaiba was announced afterwards In the days of his desire to visit Rome and meet him Meloni.

Immigration sounded alarm bells in Europe .. Malta and Italy are on head affected, We have confirmed _ earlier _ and about It is clear that immigration from Libya counts practical regular supported From Wagner , with a view shake continent security european And revenge them on the background support it Ukraine in its fight against Russia .

Letters also did not stand Washington to the Libyan actors” At a certain extent on an issue immigration not legitimacy , since Visit the Director of Intelligence American William Burns to Tripoli Benghazi , through a chain remarks Washington’s envoy and ambassador I have Libya all the way to the visit extended conducted by help Minister of Foreign Affairs The American affairs of the East The lowest is Barbara Leaf in Libya During which she met “Al-Manfi , Al-Dabaiba , Al-Mashri , Al-Manqoush , Aqeela and Haftar , and emphasized this. last on Objective collaboration With Wagner and the issue of immigration irregular , as well that it She made contact after that days with him renewed in it Signal until Wagner is classified as an organization terrorist .

a summary

According to Bloomberg

Moscow is seeking to restore its diplomatic representation in Tripoli by opening its embassy there, and this is within the framework of its expansion not only from the military influence in the Libyan scene only, but also to the military, political and economic at the same time, and not from the east only, but extends from east to west. while one Likewise , the newspaper portrays Wagner’s presence in Libya as broad and huge. And it amounts to the possibility of having warplanes in some military bases in Libya.

security forces

In the eastern region , a security campaign was launched in the city of Tobruk with the aim of combating the transit stations for illegal immigrants in the vicinity of the city , specifically the “Kompot” area. Which is among the largest centers of embracing those wishing to emigrate to Europe, As mentioned in international reports , the Tobruk operation comes days after another similar operation launched by the government of national unity in the city of “Zawiya” and its suburbs in the west of the country , with objectives not very different from it – combating immigration and smuggling -, While the two operations coincide with Europe’s desire to protect its south from the immigration dilemma, which Italy has come to describe as “Wagner’s mixed war against Europe,” Observers point out that it was also instructed by the old continent and its ally, America.

June 6 , 2023


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