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The weekly file.. resettlement projects in Libya

It seems that the Libyan southern issue is still vague. unknown to many, In particular, the relevant authorities These vast desert spaces interspersed with some towns and villages, still suffering from a deteriorating service reality, The educational and health reality is very difficult. as a result of marginalization, lack of capabilities, administrative and financial corruption, And all this is accompanied by the spread of road gangs, warlords of transnational wars, In addition to militias, mercenaries, and mafias smuggling gold, fuel, drugs, people, and terrorism, Supported by some political parties that have lost their funding or ended their mission, or from neighboring countries exhausted by wars, tribal feuds, and political dictatorships.
In light of this absence of the Libyan state from carrying out its duties, extending its control and rendering its services, As a result of these contradictory difficult equations, The south turned into a backyard for war, violence, organized crime, settling scores and switching alliances, making deals, International and regional intelligence lined up looking for tracks for their own interests and conflicts. You find the French presence competing with everyone, And the Italian presence that wants to impose itself, Recording and quality despite the difference in the dimension and historical depth of the two in the region.
In this paper, we will shed light on some of these breakthroughs. by teams of international organizations and intelligence services, that operates without supervision or accountability. And we’ll talk too. About one of these organizations working to settle illegal immigrants under the name of the “Arpachi Peace Initiative in Libya,” in some detail, This has demographic, economic, security, military and political implications. on the general fabric of the state at these levels in the future, With addressing some of the reactions of local authorities to this initiative and its expected outputs.
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The weekly file of settlement projects in Libya, May 5, 2023.

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