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The 13th constitutional amendment. A step in the way of elections or a leap in the air?

The House of Representatives’ approval of the thirteenth constitutional amendment, which is related to defining the form of the system of government and the distribution of the executive and legislative powers in the state and their competencies, sparked mixed reactions in local circles. Where this amendment was considered an alternative to the “constitutional rule” on which the House of Representatives and the state had differed for many months, In addition to a wave of local questions about the good intentions of this amendment or not, In what framework can it be placed?

While some observers accuse the parliament of procrastinating and prolonging the life of the crisis, It is unlikely that this amendment is a prelude to the elections. others welcome, among them deputies, They explained that it would be sufficient to solve a crisis that had lasted for years, albeit temporarily. In this paper, we try to briefly monitor the political reactions against it, appending a reading of the directions of this amendment.


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