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Libyan Foreign Minister (Najla Al-Mangoush) and the path of normalization


Since the beginning of the talk about the end of the term of the Government of National Unity headed by “Abdul Hamid Dabaiba” in 2021, Observers notice the increasing frequency of news that talks about the same and normal behavior with the Zionist entity, It is beginning to take shape with some Libyan officials.

Coincided with a statement by “Musa Al-Koni”, Vice President of the Presidential Council, In which he expressed his readiness to visit Tel Aviv if it was in the interest of Libya, And what was considered at that time a boldness that was not usual from any Libyan official in the past, Ali Al-Abed, Minister of Labor in the National Unity Government, also visited the Palestinian territories on February 25, 2023, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry of the Zionist entity.

Before that, there was a visit by a delegation of the Federation of Libyan Chambers of Commerce. Headed by MP and businessman “Mohammed Al-Raed”, On _15 February 2023_ for the Palestinian territories, Expressed by observers at the time, They were carried out in a coordinating framework to serve the same “natural purpose”, Although its content announced, according to the Chamber of Commerce, was with Palestinian officials.

As reported by some press sources and news sites, about monitoring several meetings of some unannounced military and security leaders from eastern Libya, Among them were several visits and meetings of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s sons at varying intervals, There was no reaction or comment from the Libyan side for these visits.

noteworthy, We at the Libyan Center for Security and Military Studies had discussed at that time, pointed out that these visits and meetings, if they occur, pose a security and military threat to Libya, It is a danger to these responsible figures and their popularity at home, If she wanted to continue playing a role in the political scene, Which is predominantly conservative in support of the Palestinian cause, And completely rejecting any attempt at normalization.

The report issued by the center five months ago under the title “A Naturalization Cordon on Libya”, Include reference to the acceleration of international pressure on Libya’s neighboring countries for normalization, And that Libya’s turn is inevitably coming, And that Libyan officials will find themselves subject to guidance, pressure and blackmail in order to register a step in this direction, The report is published on the Center’s website and on its pages on Facebook and Twitter (X) on March 2023. Under the link … .

Last step: Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Al Mangoush

What was revealed two days ago, is an unprecedented development, and a dangerous turn is announced, It is the meeting of the Libyan Foreign Minister” Najla Al-Mangoush” with the Israeli Foreign Minister, The Israeli website “i24NEWS” reported, From a statement issued by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Details of the Libyan Foreign Minister’s meeting with her Israeli counterpart.

Where the newspaper explained, That a meeting between Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush in Italy was unveiled on Sunday evening. This is the first meeting between an Israeli foreign minister with his Libyan counterpart, It was with the aim of studying the possibility of cooperation and building relations between the two countries and preserving the Libyan Jewish heritage,” the newspaper said in a statement.

The newspaper continued, Cohen said – according to a statement issued by his ministry – that the “historic meeting” with Libyan Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangoush It is a first step in relations between Israel and Libya,” he said, adding that “Libya’s size and strategic location give relations with it great importance and enormous potential for the State of Israel.”

The Hebrew newspaper added, Cohen spoke with the Secretary of State about the great potential of the two countries and the possible relations between them. And also the importance of preserving the heritage of the Jews of Libya, which includes the restoration of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in the country,” Other Israeli press sources reported, The meeting, which took place, lasted for more than an hour.

Not surprisingly, Cohen described the meeting as “historic.” Because that was in their eyes until recently, is impossible and difficult to achieve, But fate wanted the meeting to be passed through the era of the “transitional government of national unity”, The transitional factor was tightly exploited, As is usually the case with many transitional governments, The sword of the end of her rule is hanging over her in such a way that she slips into making concessions that may affect Libya’s national security.

Adding to the meeting, the Israeli writer “Shlomo Ganor” commented in an intervention to Al-Masar TV _ Libyan _ that there are already continuous meetings and previous hidden contacts between the two governments (Israeli and the national unity government), And that this meeting is the greatest evidence of the mutual desire between the two parties to conclude the peace treaty, It is like going out of the secret into the open, And that the news also surprised Israeli circles, This is no longer a secret but a real reality,” “This bilateral meeting falls within the framework of the Abraham Peace Accords sponsored by the United States of America,” he concluded.

Accordingly… In this paper _ dimensions of the situation _ we will address the dimensions of this last meeting, And the consequent political and local popular reactions.

Strong opposition reactions

  • In a quick reaction and an attempt to calm the Libyan street, Prime Minister “Abdul Hamid Dabaiba” suspends Foreign Minister “Najla Al-Mangoush” from working in pretrial work, refers her for investigation, and assigns the Minister of Youth Al-Zini to conduct the work of the ministry.
  • The House of Representatives condemned the meeting, His presidium called in a statement late Sunday night, to the need for an immediate meeting, To discuss the repercussions of the visit, which he described as a legal and moral crime committed by Minister Mangoush.
  • While the surprise was the reaction of the High Council of State to the interview, And who expressed his surprise at the meeting, And he is the one to whom Al-Mishri objected, Whereas, the statement of “Takala”, the current head of the High Council of State, refusing to meet with Mangoush, described its Israeli counterpart as “meager”, Who only represents the Chairman of the Council, Al-Mishri believes that he offers a certificate of innocence and forgiveness to Dabaiba, Al-Mishri added: “Al-Mangoush would not have met with the foreign minister of the Zionist entity without coordinating with him.” He noted that this statement represents only the President of the Council, Being issued in violation of Article (115) of the Council’s internal regulations, Which stipulates that the urgent statements of the Council shall be issued by the Office of the Presidency, in consultation with the heads of the committees of the Council, This did not happen – according to Al-Meshri’s statement.
  • Dar al-Ifta denounced the meeting, She held the government responsible for the meeting, Dabaiba called for the immediate dismissal of the minister from her post, She described the meeting as a blatant attack on the constants of the homeland and religion, She called on the entire Libyan people to demand the minister’s dismissal and accountability.
  • All political parties in Libya denounced the meeting, as the Democratic Party was quick to denounce and condemn the visit, and this was carried by the government with solidarity responsibility and not only the minister, followed by the Justice and Construction Party, the Change Party, and other parties operating in the arena.
  • The Libyan Revolutionaries Union condemned in a statement, The meeting strongly denounced the violation of Libyan customs and traditions in its total rejection of the principle of normalization, He held the government and the attorney general responsible for the need to dismiss the minister and prosecute her.
  • It was remarkable the angry popular reactions inside the city of Misrata, Prime Minister Dabaiba’s hometown, In which she demanded that the minister be held accountable and held the government fully responsible.

But one of Misrata’s military leaders, Salah Badi, From inside Misrata Radio, the announcement was made of the beginning of the movement against the Dabaiba government to overthrow it.

  • On the developments of the matter, the Internal Security Service denied what was discussed about allowing or facilitating the travel of the suspended Foreign Minister, “Najla Al-Mangoush” outside the country. He stated that the inscription did not pass through the official channels at the port of Mitiga Airport, whether the regular, private or presidential terminal, He attached his denunciation to the sitting of the carved with a member of the Zionist entity, He confirmed that he had included al-Mangoush’s name on the travel ban list until she complied with the investigation.
  • Chiselled: I won’t be a scapegoat

This is how “Najla Al-Mangoush” commented on the decision to arrest her and investigate her, As we mentioned in the aforementioned report _ “a normalization cordon around Libya” _ that the preludes to normalization with the entity have begun to be noticed, And that they express the dictates and conditions of international bodies that are passed to politicians in Libya in different ways and means, And that the desire of the presidency of the Government of National Unity, which is fighting for the continuation as much as possible, You won’t be isolated from her.

The decision to temporarily suspend Minister Najla Al-Mangoush and refer her for investigation by the Prime Minister, To try to make this meeting an individual diligence from the minister and he refuses it, But it seems that Minister Al-Mangoush sensed a slap and Abdul Hamid Dabaiba denied her, She hastened through her office to comment on the decision to suspend her by mentioning the following:

  • First, the meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister was with Dabaiba’s permission, And that Dabaiba had met in Rome with the Prime Minister of Italy last July, He agreed with her to meet with the Israelis in exchange for several interests, including the opening of the Rome-Tripoli line. And that the Italian government promised Dabaiba to operate the line early next September, In exchange for holding a meeting with the Israelis, he accepted.
  • Dabaiba wraps the subject after sensing the strong angry reactions, Asking the inscribed to publish a statement saying that the meeting was by chance to ensure that she does not expose him, After issuing the statement, he suspended her.
  • Al-Mangoush’s office confirmed that the minister is in possession of many papers, And will not allow it to be _ scapegoat _ in a matter carried out at the request of its direct boss _ Prime Minister _ “Abdul Hamid Dabaiba”.
  • Dimensions of the situation and its repercussions

The Italian role was not limited to hosting the meeting on its territory, But it went beyond coordination, arrangement and exploitation of the space of open relations with the Dabaiba government, In presenting the new Libya to the Zionist entity and the United States, And that it is honored to play this role due to the roots of the historical Italian-Libyan relations, The repeated high-level visits between Libyan and Italian officials were a sign of the level of inter-relations and the culmination of major economic agreements.

American sponsorship of the event is also present, as expressed by the Israeli writer Shlomo Ganor. They fall within the framework of the so-called “Abrahamic Peace” agreements. sponsored by the USA, Therefore, the path of the Abrahamic religion that was recently put forward is moving forward with great international support, Under this situation, other paths may open up in the Middle East and North Africa.

A scenario put forward by some that the dismissal of the inscribed, Some Libyan sources referred to it recently successfully baptized, Where then “burning the minister” in the last interview, which she was lured to _apparently_ and she was not aware or appreciative of the seriousness of the step and its consequences due to the weakness of her performance, personality and political efficiency, Whereas, for a while, it has been talked about that certain countries refuse to touch Minister Al-Mangoush, Therefore, it was not easy to accept the idea of dismissal except by a stormy event.

If something was planned to dismiss Mangoush and passed through the taste of the meeting with the Israeli Foreign Minister, It is certain that the life of the government of Abdul Hamid Dabaiba is short, And that by this incident he has wrapped the rope around the neck of his government to prepare for it.

The angry reactions of the Libyan street were as expected, It showed that the constant related to the rejection of relations with the Zionist entity still maintains its level, And that the effect of 12 years of the February revolution, And the size and weight of the media machine that aimed to overturn some of the pillars and consistent, He did not change the street’s national and Islamic ideology towards any rapprochement effort with the Zionist entity.

The state of embarrassment in which “Abdul Hamid Dabaiba” found himself, You may make him make more decisions in which he tries to please the street, And avoid the current calling for the overthrow of his government, and the formation of an interim government to supervise the upcoming elections, It may also make it vulnerable to further blackmail and exploitation by armed forces and formations.

Also, this meeting caused great embarrassment to Dar al-Iftaa, As the defense of Sheikh “Sadiq Al-Ghariani” for the government and its performance in more than one television interview was under the pretext of the approach and path of the national government of Dabaiba, which was launched from it in exchange for Haftar’s clear Zionist project _ as the Sheikh stated so on Al-Tanasih TV before that _, Therefore, Dar al-Ifta was quick to denounce and condemn the meeting, And held the government responsible for the dismissal and trial of the carved What many see is the need for Dar al-Iftaa to go out and clarify and clarify its position regarding what is happening, To maintain its value as a reference for many Libyans.

Well does not hide that, What Masar TV did in a precedent that did not happen before, From an interview with an Israeli writer about the meeting, Many media professionals in the press and media community frowned upon him, It was described as a continuation and support for the path of normalization, And an attempt to mitigate the intensity of the campaign against Minister Mangoush .

  • And finally… The reactions and repercussions of the meeting are still coming on us successively, Where all the parties involved in coordinating and arranging this meeting justify what they have done, And the legal violation it committed explicitly approved by Libyan law, That any dealings with the Zionist entity is a crime recognized by the Libyan legislator and that there are punitive articles stipulated by law, Let’s wait for the coming days to give us answers to questions that are frequent in the Libyan street.

Will this meeting be a coffin nail in the Dabaiba government??

Or will Dabibia get out of this predicament that he put himself in, With the help of his foreign minister??

Or the engraved minister will be the “scapegoat”, And lose her position with this ill-considered step??

Or will it be the path of normalization in exchange for stability and the requirement for continuity??

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