Questions that Batelli left unanswered

Abdullah Batili, the UN envoy to Libya He says before the Security Council that the House of Representatives has approved the 13th constitutional amendment, but the State Council has not yet approved it. Despite repeated attempts to agree between them, He declares that Constitutional Amendment 13, which was published in the Official Gazette, raises controversy among the political ranks. It does not address the criteria for running for president. He declares that the House of Representatives and the state have not agreed on a constitutional basis for holding elections.
At a time when holding presidential and parliamentary elections requires a great deal of consensus among the actors, On the basis of Article 64 of the constitutional amendment. Based on the foregoing, Batili decided to put forward an initiative based on the establishment of a committee, which he described as a high-level directive; Represent stakeholders, including existing institutions. It includes women, youth and social components; Its mission is to provide a platform that works to create conditions for elections and to conduct a draft of behavior for each candidate.
This is because the 13th Amendment does not address some basic issues; Like the criteria for running for president, and a roadmap for elections, and representation in the Senate. At the same time that Battley criticized the 13th Amendment, he was not mentioned
— The criteria upon which the committee will be selected, which he described as high.
Will each government supervise the elections in its areas of influence? Or will the task be entrusted to a third party?
— Then, will the presidential and parliamentary elections coincide? Or will the presidency be postponed?
As for the most important question, who will ensure the implementation of the election results? What are the mechanisms that will be used to put pressure on the actors in the Libyan scene?
All these questions Mr. Batley left unanswered.

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